What Makes a House a Home

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What Makes a House a Home?
Warmth. It’s as simple as that. Unless you live in the deep tropics, yes then you will need a lot of air conditioning. But jokes aside, a certain sense of ingenuity on your taste will make you’re a house a very pleasant and comfortable place to stay.
1. Pictures:-
Pictures on face book are of a different appeal, pictures of home should always be of happier times spent together. If you are fond of art, then inspirational work should be on your wall not that demotivates you early in the morning. Even better would be if you yourself can paint, maybe not a wall if its too tedious for you. A glass window or a glass partition would be ideal as it reflects light and gives you freedom just enough to express your creativity.
2. Clutter :-
As far as possible keep your house clutter free, reduce the need to want and shop everything. A cleaner surrounding will give you an ideal space to relax and unwind peacefully. The more clutter the more it would take a toll on your energy and time to clean up.
3. Furniture:-
With the anvil of recliners and soft sofa’s that look fabulous in any living room accompanied by bean bags are indecently very bad for your back. While selecting furniture especially if you’re at an age where your back is already hurting, or have older parents, choose your couches with a sizeable and steady back rest which support the shoulder and neck regions comfortably.
4. Plants :-
Like outdoors, plants indoors also seem to bring certain freshness to your living spaces. Some plants need very less catering to and add beauty to your space. Very famous these days are the Bonsai plants that grow into magnificent tiny trees and are a gallant decoration.
Many people nowadays in the verve of eating fresh have organic farms in their balconies.
5. Kitchen :-
The kitchen should be looked at the point of view of nourishment centre of the house. Kitchen should have ideal storage as well accessibility for its optimum usage.
6. Doors and Windows :-
They are the most important in any home, providing safety; we must ensure that they are grilled if there are younger children in the family. Also with advent of diseases due to mosquitoes, a net which allows wind to pass but not flies must be present as well. During day time it’s advisable to keep your curtains drawn open so that the house gets ample sunlight as this cleanses the house naturally.

Hope these tips have been useful for you. Any more inputs are welcome in the comments section.